Sandy Springs Chiropractor

Sandy Springs Chiropractor
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Reuter Chiropractic is well-known for delivering the most therapeutic chiropractic care and all-inclusive chiropractic treatments to patients throughout the Greater Atlanta Metropolitan Area. We have been providing exceptional chiropractic adjustment in our chiropractic center for more than 35 years. What’s more, Reuter Chiropractic is acknowledged as a regional frontrunner in the healthcare industry and respected as a beneficial, powerful and restorative alternative to pharmaceuticals for handling pain and suffering. Regardless if our patients are suffering from headaches; pinched nerves; back, joint or neck pain; herniated and bulging discs; or any number of sports-related injuries, Reuter Chiropractic is the perfect choice for lessening, coping with and eradicating their pain. Therefore, on the occasion Sandy Springs residents are seeking the finest chiropractic care, Reuter Chiropractic is the only name they need to know.

Sandy Springs Chiropractic

Sandy Springs, Georgia is in Fulton County and it has close to 100,000 residents. Atlanta, home of Reuter Chiropractic, is located less than five miles east of Sandy Springs. Clearly our Sandy Springs neighbors prefer Reuter Chiropractic for all of their chiropractic treatments. Our outstanding staff is celebrated for having the essential background, know-how and experience to provide the quality assistance, chiropractic adjustment and encouragement to its esteemed Sandy Springs patients. To guarantee that our Sandy Springs patients obtain the specialized chiropractic care they require, we have a remarkable staff of chiropractors, licensed massage therapists and the most proficient office support team who will strive to ensure our chiropractic center will not only augment their health, but it will offer them the most positive chiropractic experience.

Sandy Springs Chiropractic Adjustment

Our predominate technique which we use most often at our chiropractic center is spinal manipulation also known as chiropractic adjustment. After a chiropractor at our facility has diagnosed your condition, he will create the most suitable treatment program to meet you precise specifications. Reuter Chiropractic is recognized as possessing the most notable options to help our patients heal without becoming dependent upon pharmaceuticals. You can also be assured that both Drs. Reuter and Browne will always keep you in the loop. Besides pin-pointing the origins of our patients’ pain, Reuter Chiropractic assists patients in adhering to the healthiest diets and lifestyles. You can always discover new ways to look at our exciting services by calling us directly at: (770) 455-4547, today. For additional information about our chiropractic care, call us today and give us the opportunity to run through your concerns one-by-one in order to determine the best means to help get on the right tract to leading a pain-free, healthy life. We are open Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 10:00 AM-1:00PM and 3:00 PM-6:30 PM; Saturday – 11:00 AM-1:00 PM; Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday – Closed.

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