Patient Testimonials

I can’t say enough about Dr. Browne… he has given me new life. I found him when i could barely walk, using a cane, and now I’m back to playing tennis! He cares about his clients and goes the extra effort to make sure they get better. Thanks Doc!
-Sandi S.

I’ve been a patient at Reuter Chiropractic for over 25 years and there is no where else I would ever go to. Best chiropractors in Atlanta.
-Tim O.

I’ve been dealing with a bulging disc in my neck and Dr. Browne has been a tremendous help in treating my condition. I highly recommend this practice to anyone as it’s top notch, grateful I found it.
-Craig B.

I have been seeing Dr. Reuter at for about 6 months due to chronic pain. This pain started years ago and I had tried various treatments before going to Dr. Reuter. I have seen significant improvement in this time. I have had a wonderful experience every time I have gone. His team genuinely cares about their patients. I also have a busy work schedule and it’s really nice that walk-ins are always welcome. I have never been turned away or had to wait very long (5 or 10 minutes max) to be seen. Love this office!
-Lauren J.

As an X-collegiate wrestler who has had 3 surgeries on my back, I was always concerned about letting a chiropractor touch my back….until I met an X-Navy Helicopter pilot with a back much worse than mine. He is treated by Larry Reuter and recommended Larry to me. I’ve been seeing Larry on and off for 5 years with only positive results. If you are having health issues, but are worried about past injuries, I would suggest you contact Reuter Chiropractic . Larry will take great care of you!
-Joseph D.

I worked with Dr. Reuter after my first child was born. I woke up one morning a week after she was born and couldn’t bear weight on my left leg. He got me in the SAME day and was so flexible with my newborn’s schedule. The office staff was great with my insurance. He fixed me! I can’t recommend them enough!
-Sara C.

I have had two major triple fusion surgeries and have low back herniation. Dr. Reuter was recommended to me by the number one neck surgeon at Emory and one of the tops in the United States. Dr. Reuter not only helps relieve my pain without hurting me, but he makes you feel comfortable and right at home. I would do and recommend him to all my friends and family.
-Kevin S.

I’ve been an advocate of chiropractic for over 50 years and honestly believe Dr. Reuter is one of the best in his profession.
-Gene R.

Four years ago my chiropractor, a personal friend, said he had done all he could for me and I would be uncomfortable by the time I got back to my car. I then paid Dr. Browne a visit. After the initial exam Dr. Browne said he thought he could help me and I would be 90% after three weeks.
I was a bit skeptical at the time, but three weeks later (nine visits) I was amazed at the difference. Not only was I able to “get off the couch,” I play Pickle a Ball three times a week! At 69 I am enjoying a quality of life I thought I had lost.
Can Dr. Browne achieve these results with others – I do not know. What I do know is “nothing ventured, nothing gained!”
-Marvin S.

Just started going to Reuter Chiropractic for my sciatica. I love the environment and Larry’s mannerism. I feel like I am on my way to mending.
-Diane H.

Dr. Reuter is not only an amazing chiropractor, he is a great individual. I suffered sciatic nerve pain with no relief from seeing an orthopedic. Dr. Reuter treated the problem with compassion and the knowledge of over 30 years of chiropractic experience. Within the first week of treatment, I received relief and after 5 weeks, I could resume my normal activities, including exercise. I highly recommend Dr. Reuter!
-Kathy W.

Best hands in the field! The Doctor’s really know how to keep you in line!
-Bill D.

Best chiropractor in Atlanta! Dr. Reuter is attentive, caring, empathetic, and humorous. If it wasn’t for him, I would not have healed so quickly. I owe my life to this doctor.
-Tonya H.

Dr. Browne is an amazing chiropractor! I’ve seen him over the years for chronic neck pain. He does a thorough evaluation, is a great listener, and uses the most innovative equipment to provide a gentle, but effective adjustment.  I always walk out of there feeling much better then I did when I came in, and by next day, usually have full range of motion back and no pain. I highly recommend Dr. Browne to anyone searching for a knowledgeable, kind, and effective chiropractor.
– Leah B.

I’ve been a patient for 18 years, the best chiropractic care you could ask for, Dr. Larry Reuter is awesome.
-Mary C.

I am a dad that’s always on the go.  I can’t afford to be slowed down by aches and pains – my kids simply will not allow it!   When those back/neck/leg/shoulder pains occur, there is only one person I am comfortable to call – and that’s Dr. Browne.  It really does feel like magic – and when they pain goes away, it allows me and my kids to play!  I am very appreciative for all the care Dr. Browne has provided me, and would recommend him to anyone looking to feel better!
– Andy S.

Larry was my chiropractor from 1985 to 2006, when I moved away from the Atlanta area. He’s the BEST chiropractor and a wonderful person, too. Wish I didn’t live 400+ miles away.
-Lisa C.

I have been seeing Dr. Browne for a strained Achilles for about a month. I had been struggling with this for over three months and finally went to a podiatrist. He really had no solution for me, but I am seeing definite improvement after only four weeks of seeing Dr. Browne. I had seen Dr. Reuter 25 years ago (my first chiropractic experience) so I have always had a positive and beneficial experience with chiropractic care through the years. The office is laid back, fun, and Jen the office manager is great!
-Penny S.

I was a patient of Dr. Reuter’s for the past 15 years. Dr. Reuter was able to help relieve my pain quickly (anything from a horseback riding accident to numbness in my fingers). I now see Dr. Browne as well and appreciate the new gentle techniques he brings to the practice. The office has recently gone under some renovations, but the same great care and service is why I keep coming back.
– Jennifer B.

I’ve been an advocate of chiropractic for over 50 years and honestly believe Dr. Reuter is one of the best in his profession.
-Gene R.

I woke up this morning thinking, I wish I could see Dr. Reuter.  There is only one problem.  I am in New Hampshire and haven’t been treated by Dr. Reuter since 1994.  (I returned to NH in 1992 after having been in Atlanta for many years.  I actually made a visit with him one of my “must dos” when I was in Atlanta for a visit in ’94).  Since getting a treatment from Dr. Larry isn’t about to happen anytime soon … I thought … I still want folks to know that he is one of the finest chiropractic practitioners there is … anywhere.  FYI, This is also my very first and only Yelp review.
A bit of history.  I first met Dr. Reuter after having been involved in an auto accident in Atlanta in 1983.  He treated me throughout my course of recovery from it and continued to be my primary “ace in the hole” provider for the next ten years.  He fixed me when I was hurting and kept me well when I wasn’t.  It wasn’t like I was a regular after the crisis was over, but Dr. Larry was always ready and waiting with open arms when I would stumble out of the car and in the door with no appointment.  Dr. Reuter’s chiropractic style is best described as cutting edge (in his use of complementary modalities and therapies), gentle, compassionate, and, most importantly, confident.  To this day, having  encountered chiropractors who have “half-adjusted” me (and if you’ve had it happen to you, you know what I mean) and I do have a wonderful osteopath who has kept me out of surgery numerous times, there are times when I just want a “good, confident, get the job done, yet gentle” adjustment.  (Importantly, he never forces an adjustment …. never adjusts until the muscles have been relaxed to the point where the adjustment will hold.)  And for that – there is still no better in my book than Dr. Reuter.
There are practitioners and then there are those who have been blessed with the gift of healing.  Dr.  Reuter fits in the latter category.   I actually called him a few years back to try and get him to describe his method or see if he knew of someone up here in the north to whom I could go.  He did describe his anterior adjustment method.  I’m still looking.  And when I’m in terrible discomfort (thanks to some more traumatic injuries and just plain old age), I still think, “Dr. Reuter.”  Just as I did this a.m.
I also give this review as someone who is now into her 50s and had her first chiropractic adjustment at 5 years of age and who was also, at one time, a member of the traditional healthcare delivery system (the US Public Health Service).  If you live in the Atlanta area, you are indeed fortunate to have the opportunity to benefit from Dr. Reuter’s chiropractic skills.   To anyone looking for the best in chiropractic care, to my mind, Dr. Larry Reuter is at the top of the list.
Thanks Dr. Larry – if I could get there today, I would.
-Janet M.