Sports Injuries

Sports injuries are names such due to the fact that they primarily occur as a result of physical activity. When the body is stressed and strained under the force that is often required to perform at a high level in athletic competition, physical injury and trauma to the musculoskeletal system can occur. Sports injuries include sprains and strains of muscle and ligaments, muscle and ligament tears, inflammation of the joints, dislocated joints and fractured bones.

Cause of Pain

The root cause of the pain is generally associated with the damaged tissue. When soft tissue experiences trauma, the damaged cells release chemicals, which initiate an inflammatory response. Inflammation is characterized by pain, localized swelling, heat, redness and a loss of function.

Diagnosing Sports Injuries

A physical examination will help your physician learn how the injury occured, and the pain that has resulted. With X-ray and MRI imaging, a physician can examine the musculoskeletal system to determine the extent of the tissue damage that is causing the pain.

Chiropractic Care and Treatment

Chiropractic offers a balanced approach to the treatment and the healing of sports injuries. A chiropractic adjustment will help restore return the spine to its proper positioning, alleviating any pressure on the nervous system and soft tissues of the body.

Massage therapy can offer significant benefits to sports injury patients by alleviating stress and tension in the body’s soft tissues. The massage will help prepare the athlete for peak performance, to drain away fatigue, to relieve swelling, to reduce muscle tension, to promote flexibility and to prevent injuries.