Massage Therapy

Reuter Chiropractic offers massage therapy to their patients as a supplemental service. Massage therapy provides patients with both soft tissue and deep tissue manipulation, which does have a positive physiological affect, helping to release tension, and circulate blood throughout the body, promoting the repair and renewal of damaged muscle tissue.

Chiropractic combined with massage therapy contributes to a patient’s health and well-being by promoting deep states of relaxation, stress reduction, and pleasure. This state of deep relaxation also serves to relax the patient’s muscles, reducing tension, and allowing the vertebrae to move more freely into alignment during an adjustment.

Massage generally focuses on the upper and lower back muscles, but can be applied to shoulders, arms, and lower extremities to promote and enhance lymph flow and blood circulation, improving the patient’s ability to eliminate metabolic waste and toxins from the system.

Overall, massage therapy is the perfect supplement to chiropractic spinal manipulation, assisting in both a physiological manner, and improving the mental health of our patients. Reuter Chiropractic staffs licensed massage therapist in order to provide our patients a complete and well-rounded treatment.